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Dennise Duckett
Mary Ewalt
Caitlin Rega
Brenda Powell
Melissa Krieger
Nancy Thompson
Ma Joan Coronel
Melanie Ott
Kelly Allen-Bornschein
Korina Candela
Nancy Bragg
Bertha Hernandez
Karen Frazier
Lisa Caron
Joanne Rock
Kelly Albrant
Kelly Nguyen
Bonnie Hayslip
Carol Cogliano
Cilinda Bogk
Lynne and Marius Woodward
Elaine Foote
Nancybelle Jones
Lacey Ruminer
Lacey Ruminer
Thomas Stussi
Barbara McKenzie
Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson

I am 43. I have cerebral palsy and progressive spastic parapellgia which is slowly taking the use of my legs. Still I have written and self published 34 books. I won’t quit my fight.

Marybeth Norlin
Margaret Porter
Lorie Mowery
jeff Henderson

jeff Henderson

my reason for entering is my hear has been open to the fact that love is out there and never giving up on it. keeps it open for me.

Marjorie Golden
Renee Stuck
Pamela Johnson
Tina Davis
Theresa Hawes
Judith McGraw
Lupe Downes
Dora Douglas
Jane Sandona
Merinda Hamer
Janet Albert
Michelle Giles
Kathy Huffman
Donna Sargeson
Linda Marino
Melanie Dennis

Melanie Dennis

This little man has opened my heart more than I could ever imagine! I didn’t know what to expect when I became a momma – No one can describe the love you gain instantly!

Carol Dagsgaard
Daloma Poe
Janice Sears