Difficult times

I always been hiding in the background ,at least that was my intention,I didn’t want anybody to be able to see the true me because I didn’t want to get hurt no more.
I will do my best for anybody but when people get to ” love” me I try to back off.
When I was small I suffer some ” abuse” from a member of the family and when I was brave enough to tell somebody I ran into my mum but she ignored me, that created a huge wall between us,when I had enough courage I left my country and I moved into France( 10 years ago) where I met Sue(sadly she passed away while I was working with her)
I started from zero and I learned how to keep my heart open ,there were the best years on my life and I met amazing people from all over the world.
Jane’s books,films and all the stories that people are sharing here are helping me to face every day as it comes so I’m quiet grateful for that.
I feel proud to wear the open hearts jewellery and I now know that I can do whatever I want no matter what.Thanks Jane