Miracle Baby

At 5 months of pregnancy, a specialist diagnosed my baby with bilateral renal agensis. No kidneys, no amniotic fluid. The lungs would not grow and he would suffocate and die at birth. I probably wouldn’t even be able to bring him to term as his body would slowly be contorted and crushed as he tried to grow. He was also diagnosed with a clubfoot. We were sent home with no hope.
10 days later we were seen at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville, TN. They told us they might see something and to wait and they would take care of us. 10 days later, my local doctor discovered 2 functioning kidneys and a full sac of amniotic fluid.
He remained healthy and fully functional for the reminder of my full term pregnancy. He was born via c section with 2 small but functioning kidneys and not even a clubfoot.
We named him Gabriel Amell and he just celebrated his 2nd birthday with no medical complications at all.
We are so grateful for our baby, friends, and family and the doctors that took care of us.