My new beginnings

I just want to say I have a few pieces of your open heart collection in which I absolutely cherish. I lost my husband going on two years ago to cancer . My world felt like it was coming to an end. My heart was completely shattered, so I began to go to meetings and meet other people who also had had such a terrible loss to help me get through it all, well I met a wonderful man named Brian who also lost his wife to such a disease and we began dating on our 6 th date Brian gave me a necklace from your collection and when he did his word to me were now your heart is open to new adventures and love in your life please allow me in😊Well Brian and I continued to follow our hearts wide open and we found true love again and we just got engaged so I am definitely inspired by all your pieces in your collection and I truly understand why you designed it . I am beyond proud to wear the pieces I do have and I always tell my friends about the story of my necklace, I am truly beyond blessed.