My open heart story

The reason I love Jane Seymour open heart jewelry collection is it gives me hope every time I wear my necklace it gives me hope and makes me unstoppable and fearless in whatever I am trying to get through in life or accomplish that and I have a learning disability I get so angry that I cant get something or that people make fun of me because I have one and I just want to give up so bad because I try and try and I cant get it but then I just think about Jane Seymour saying if you open up your heart love will always find a way in and it does in everything I do in life from day to day and I just keep that in mind when I am having one of those days when I just feel down and I look at my open heart necklace and smile and then I get the strength that I need to go and accomplish all the things that seems like I never going to get or make happen and it all comes together I accomplish it and then I feel like i am on top on the world like nothing can stand in the way of my life anymore.