Not Alone

At 19 I found myself pregnant and lonely. I had plenty of family who loved and supported me, but no one to hold me at night. What man would want me anyways? Who would want to raise another man’s child? My heart began to quickly close to the possibility of being loved by a real man. But 6 months into my pregnancy, in walked Matthew! He treated me with respect and honored me as a young woman and mother to be. He didn’t shun me or turn the other way when I walked into a room. He look at me with nothing but pure love. I was suprised at how quickly I opened up my heart to this young man. But when I did, what a magical experience. To be loved and adored this way was overwhelming. But I embraced every minute of it!! I’m proud and honored to say that Matthew and I have been married for 8 1/2 years and have three beautiful children. Not only did my open heart benefit me, but my precious daughter who has the most wonderful daddy! If it weren’t for Matt’s open heart towards Bailey and I, I wouldn’t have had an open heart to love and let a man love me! I am truly blessed to have Matthew in my life and share a lifetime with him! As a family we have chosen to have openhearts to love and be loved! What a great gift to give to our three children!