The Love of a Student

As a teacher, you find that you need an open heart every day. The hard part is keeping it open as you struggle to go work.
Every new teacher faces burnout. With music teachers, the burnout rate is even higher. So I was not surprised when I found myself dragging to go to school. Too many times, I wanted to stay at home, even though I had a job that I enjoyed.
Then we got a new student. He was a problem child, until you looked closer. This little one was not being loved at home – he was now living with Grandma. Grandma cared immensely, which is why he came to us, but the damage had been done. If someone reached for a hug, he flinched for a punch. A high-five reminded him of a slap.
It was watching this student that I realized my heart had to be open every day. It took us a few months to break his shell, but it was offering love even on his worst days. When he wanted to kick and punch, we offered more hugs. Soon, he became the sweetest child in his class. He would come running to give a hug, and get one in return.
Although he has moved to a different school, this child’s impact remains in our school. When a student is troubling us, we remember to allow love to find us. It has made all the difference, and helped me remember why I wanted to teach.